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How To Work EXCLUSIVELY With Dream Clients Who Pay You More And Need You Less. (Learn how to immediately identify broke and time-wasting tire-kickers and boot them out before they get a foot in.)

Secret #2
Super Simple Conversion Secrets. Learn The Idiot-Proof Sales Framework That Gets Your Prospects Lining Up And Signing THEMSELVES Up…so that you focus on your zone of genius and don’t ever have to “sell” or “push” again.

Secret #3
Infinite Scale: Learn How To Work With Hundreds of Clients At The Same Time…While Working Fewer Hours. (Your clients will get much better results than with traditional 1:1 coaching and you’ll get to spend your time on the stuff you love…no more hustle!)

About Your Host

Taki Moore’s “Attract, Convert and Deliver” system for growing coaching businesses are legendary. He shows coaches how to scale their coaching business to seven figures and beyond.
Since 2004, Taki has been the go-to teacher for coaches who want more appointments, more clients, and more participants at events. Taki works with business and executive coaches who understand that the “Million Dollar Coach” is a viable option and not a pipe dream.  
His signature systems are built around scaling systems for attracting prospects, converting them to clients, and delivering them en-masse. He’s on a mission to eliminate cold-calling and high-pressure chasing from the coaching industry…and replace it with education-based marketing. 

Taki is the specialist in quick, effective marketing techniques that get fast and highly profitable results for coaches.
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Taki Moore, The Million Dollar Coach, helps coaches like you 1.) Get to $10,000 a month fast, then 2.
Scale up to a million dollars so you help more people, make more money, and have more fun.